Stephen Belomy

My name is Stephen Belomy, the U.S. CEO of Jimdo, and I am indeed the Unabashed Optimist. When asked how I'm feeling, I normally answer "somewhere between super-fantastic and ultra-supreme". And it's the honest to god truth. In fact, I often add, "but you should see me on a good day!" or "and on my bad days (about twice a year), I say there is a silver lining in every bowl of acid; learn from your experiences, even the tough ones!"


I know for some people this is hard to stomach. But I don't care. It's actually how I feel about each and every aspect of my private and public life. I get excited; often. Describing me as enthusiastic and passionate are vast understatements. Adversity does not change my disposition. I believe all of us can do so much more, and enjoy each and every detail and moment in the process. I look for the good and the great, in people. I love to pump people up. I try to motivate and even inspire my children, their friends, and all the young people I've had the privilege of working with during my career, to find a passion in their jobs, so "they never work a day in their lives".


I've spent the last 20 years as an executive of startup technology companies in Silicon Valley. Some were public, some were VC funded, and some were the classic top raman eating, 18 hour days, worrying-about-every-paycheck bootstrapped endeavors. It was crazy. It was hard. But wow, was it ever fun. I wouldn't change one day if I could. This is especially true of my time here at Jimdo. It's a truly remarkable place. The founders, the team, the product, the passion, the comaraderie, the dedication. We have a mission to bring Pages to the People, and I'm loving every minute of it. 


In this blog, I'm going to share some of my insights into business, management, and human nature, especially as it applies to the workplace. I hope the vast array of people who use Jimdo to promote and share their passions, professions and businesses can gain something positive out of my posts. I encourage them, and anyone else who finds my blog interesting, enlightening or annoying, to comment. I live for human interaction, and I look foward to and welcome your communication.